Different cultures, different levels of experience and different views.

This is so messed up mixed up that you might be either a high-level PPC professional or just a beginning marketer that was slightly kissed with ads, and you can still find something interesting on our agenda.

All presentations will be held in English language.

09:15 - 11:10
Search 4 Hacks
Research & Development Director at Adexpres
Under pressure: can strategy and PPC get along?

Inspirative case study about challenges we all face sometimes and Ondřej tried to tackle.

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Partner, Senior Consultant
Definitive answer to the perennial question: should you run search ads for your brand - Brand Protect Script (20 min)

Are we ranking first organically in searches for our brand? None of our competitors bidding on our brand? Let's turn ads off and save hundreds of euros per year. Just don't forget to turn ads back on when needed!

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Evaluating PPC Ads in SERP: How to choose the best performing ad

Testing and analyzing PPC ad templates doesn’t have to be time-consuming. In presentation you learn how to choose the best performing ad template properly and also quickly. All in Excel by using Power Query template.

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CEO at Netpeak
500 PPC projects? Automation saved us

At Netpeak they manage more than 500 PPC projects. They are going to show us, how automatic digests helped them to gain performance and to lower the human factor mistakes.

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11:30 - 13:15
Optimize ‘til you die
Head of Growth & Co-founder at Growww Digital
There is +40% growth potential in an average Google and Facebook ads account

Conclusions based on 800+ audited Google & Facebook accounts in CEE region by Growww Digital.

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Head of Marketing at igloonet
Automation with manual transmission

Do you rely on machine learning and automation to help improve your campaign performance? You are doing right. However, the robot DOES NOT care, which product or category will increase the turnover. But both you and e-shop owner DO care. Adam will provide a practical guide to preparing a report to help you easily identify which products and categories campaigns sell the most. Are these the correct ones?

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Operations Manager at
How to create the ultimate Google Data Studio dashboard not only for PPC specialist?

Merge multiple ad accounts and systems (Google, Facebook, Sklik...) to one ultimate dashboard in Google Data Studio and create an easy-read realtime report for all stakeholders (PPC specialist, team leader, account manager, marketer on client side, business owner).

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Performance Manager at
A quick flight with Pelikan and the story of automation of performance campaigns

How did the biggest Slovak flight deal website Pelikan deal with the increase of automation in performance campaigns? In addition to automated campaigns focused on real margin and profit, we also learn about intensive collaboration with the internal BI team and cross-channel attribution modeling.

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14:00 - 15:40
Meanwhile out of Search
Founder / Business Strategist at Fragile
User segmentation in remarketing for better results

Dan will tell us, why it isn't worth to run remarketing only to "All Visitors" audience? How segmentation and audience based on website visitors behavior can improve your overall remarketing performance by tens percent?

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Head of PPC at Synlighet
How to win at display this holiday season: last minute tips you should implement - right now!

Are you ready for the most wonderful time of the year? As customers are filling up their shopping carts, stores are fighting for the revenue share. For marketers that means yearly increase in competition -  as well as the demand to stand out  - and win the important holiday sales.

Regine will share from her many years of experience with display sales campaigns, and from her recent tests of both new Google Display features and products like Discovery Ads or Audience Expansion Tool. She’ll show you how to be on the winning team this Christmas!

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How to increase revenue with a simple Facebook Ads funnel?

“Buy right now!” - Did it work? Have you bought it yet? I think we should first get to know each other a bit.
Mojmir will tell us more about how to work with audiences by the level of their engagement with your brand or product, how to create a simple ad funnel to increase revenue. Which campaign objectives and KPIs work for specific funnel stages.

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16:00 - 17:45
Sell it anywhere
Executive Director at Slopelift
Google Shopping? +33 % in revenue for dm drogerie markt

Google Shopping is a must for e-commerce. But what is the potential of Google Shopping? Konstantin will show us that even for really big e-shops like dm drogerie markt, Google Shopping can make a big push. Which changes in the product feed have they made to achieve a 33% increase in revenue?

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Head of Performance Marketing at Berlin Brands Group
In search for effectivity and growth in 8 markets

At Berlin Brands Group they manage PPC for 21 e-shops, and in 8 CEE markets. The team of four Slovaks is behind everything. Do they use any automation tools? And how do they approach price comparison websites, Google Ads campaigns, and other channels in specific markets?

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Retail Industry Manager, Large Customer Sales at Google
E-commerce growth opportunities in performance marketing in 2020

Clients and agencies are often looking in the wrong direction when searching for major growth opportunities. Focus is on activities which worked before introduction of Machine Learning. However these activities have much smaller impact on efficiency (conversion rate) which in e-commerce means to growth. Goal of this presentation is to steer your focus towards transformational projects which lead to improvements in tens of percent, rather than incremental optimalisation.

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PPC Export Team Leader
SMART exporting to Romania

Exporting can be successful if you know how to analyze data in connection with particular features of that specific country and to adapt your strategies accordingly.

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Freelance copywriter, scriptwriter, idea maker and stand-up comedian
Moderator of the event

Your host for the day is Ján Gordulič - tech enthusiast, political pundit and the mind behind Slovakia's most successful standup comedy franchise Silné reči.

Afterparty in Ateliér Babylon with B-Complex!

Enjoy the wild afterparty with us and B-Complex! We look forward to welcoming you.

Invitation for PCC Conference

In Bratislave 28. october 2019. 12 speakers / real experts from 6 countries.

PPCEE will roar into Bratislava, Slovakia. The venue for the conference and also for the after-party is Ateliér Babylon.

SEO zraz is another conference that we are organizing.

The original intention was to get together with a few local people from the industry and share our SEO experience. But it became much bigger than we expected and, thanks to the great feedback, we decided to continue with it on a wider scale.